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                  At BIT Studios we understand the importance of that first impression and use our expertise of designing and refining websites to ensure your potential customers engage with your page rather than abandon immediately on entry…

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                  Your website has to inspire confidence and appeal to your visitor, all in less than 6 seconds.

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                  Software Development Projects

                  Cellular, Manufacturing, Ecommerce

                  Offwire was a leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile phone accessories throughout North America. They had thousands of retail customers each with from 1 to hundreds of locations. The challenge their customers had was having on hand the over 5,000 different accessories needed to cover the many various phones and models on the market. We designed and built a B2B2C ecommerce solution that made it easy for each retail customer and location to be able to log in and order for drop ship anything their customers might request.

                  Confidential Aftermarket Auto Warranty Service
                  Aftermarket Auto Warranty

                  We were approached by a multi-billion dollar insurance company to design and build a website that would convert visitors looking for aftermarket auto warranties into subscribers. The solution would be necessary to support thousands of sites for their dealer network partners and needed to integrate with their pricing engine on the backend. We accomplished this goal and were able to get visitors through the quote process in less than 60 seconds.

                  Fulton Grace Realty
                  Real Estate

                  Fulton Grace is a leading real estate brokerage in Chicago, Illinois. They had several goals with the redesign of their project. First, they wanted a site that truly represented their brand. They also had a lot of functionality that had to be integrated into the design with dual goals of usability and conversion.

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                  web design Dallas
                  I've worked with BIT Studios on developing a website for our company. They have always been helpful and found ways to get things done within our tight time and budget constraints. They are a joy to work with and have the expertise to get the job done!website development
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