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                  We have successfully launched over 200 custom mobile applications across iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, WinMo, Symbian, J2ME, and BlackBerry. Our process and delivery model has helped our customers to achieve significant cost savings, increase productivity and quickly enter the fast growing market of mobile apps.

                  Whether you’re an existing enterprise company or a startup we would like to hear from you and answer any of your questions.


                  Mobile Apps

                  Since 2000

                  We built our first mobile apps
                  starting in 2000 on flip phones.



                  Mobile Apps

                  So far we've built over 200 mobile
                  apps of all shapes and sizes.


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                  Our expert team excels in most
                  modern mobile technologies.

                  A few of Our
                  Mobile App Projects

                  Yuma POS
                  Retail & Ecommerce

                  Yuma POS is a startup Point of Sale, Ecommerce, Online ordering and Delivery solution all in one. It’s cloud-based with tablet and mobile apps for both companies and their customers. The POS supports both retail stores and restaurants. With just over a year of sales, it has in excess of 3,000 locations using this service and growing daily.

                  Auto & Dealerships

                  StipTrac is a cloud-based startup that makes it easy for auto dealerships to manage and collect stips. Stips are bank mandated documents that must be provided in order to fund the loan. Until StipTrac there wasn’t a solution on the market to manage stips. The solution is made up of 2 mobile apps and a cloud-based solution for dealerships. Customers can use the mobile app to take photos of the documents and submit them securely to the cloud for review and approval.

                  CHG Mobile
                  Component Hardware Manufacturing

                  CHG is a leader in component hardware manufacturing and distribution. They wanted a mobile app that they could use to help train and educate both company personnel as well as their customers when in the field. We integrated with their enterprise ecommerce PIM (product information management) solution and built the app using the React Native mobile framework. CHG can easily manage all information they want to show on the app using their PIM and it syncs with the app once ready.

                  BIT Studios' Customer Quote

                  I've worked with BIT Studios on developing a website for our company. They have always been helpful and found ways to get things done within our tight time and budget constraints. They are a joy to work with and have the expertise to get the job done!Quote

                  Carol Kozlowski (CPIM)

                  Mobile Stack

                  We’ll listen and evaluate with you the best options between going completely native, using a hybrid approach or choosing a framework.

                  Choosing the proper development approach and technologies for your mobile apps can be a daunting task that will have long-term residual impact on your product.

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                  Mobile Frameworks

                  Native Mobile Technologies

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