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                  We work in a tough industry. Statistics tell us that more than 50% of all IT projects fail, and many of the projects that do make it experience high cost overruns.

                  At BIT Studios, we don’t think that’s acceptable. One of the ways we minimize this risk is by creating clickable, semi-functional prototypes that allow you to demo your software and provide feedback before you spend money on expensive development.


                  Rapid Prototyping

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                  What Is Rapid Prototyping?

                  Why You Should Consider
                  Rapid Prototyping

                  You Drive Feedback
                  Early and often

                  User input drives UX & Prototyping updates and, finally, you get what you expect and what you need… every time.

                  You Demo / See It
                  Before We Build It

                  Development is done in daily increments, so that you can see and control the whole process of creation.

                  Usable, Useful Software
                  Is the Result

                  Prototyping reduces project risk by up to 90% and lets complex projects come to life quickly. Success is the only option.

                  Check Out A Few of Our
                  Dynamic Prototypes

                  CHG Mobile
                  Component Hardware Manufacturing

                  CHG is a leader in component hardware manufacturing and distribution. They wanted a mobile app that they could use to help train and educate both company personnel as well as their customers when in the field. As a first project step, we implemented the semi-functional UI/UX prototype of the mobile application. This allowed stakeholders to fully participate in the planning process and hit the ground running when the app was ready.

                  Collaboration & Project Management

                  DailyFrenzy is a cloud-based subscription service providing real-time online collaboration and project management tool that makes working on multiple projects and tasks easier than any other collaboration tool out there. Before starting on development we prepared the semi-functional prototype of the application UI. With such a complicated system first prototyping and vetting what we were planning with stakeholders was critical to success.

                  Office Troop
                  Real Estate

                  Office Troop is a cloud-based subscription service for the real estate market. It is the only solution that incorporates online Tenant Screening with full deal and transaction management for both rentals and buy/sell in the real estate industry. Before starting on actual software implementation we prepared the semi-functional UI/UX prototype of the future application. This allowed for a LOT of iterations and back and forth with stakeholders helping them to quickly get to a solid solution for their product development.

                  Auto & Dealerships

                  StipTrac is a cloud-based startup that makes it easy for auto dealerships to manage and collect stips. Customers can use the mobile app to take photos of the documents and submit them securely to the cloud for review and approval. As a first step, we made a prototype of the user interface in order to approve project scope, estimate the required efforts and budget and make it simple for developers to implement exactly what is required. The end result was a great MVP product out of the box.

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                  Rapid Prototyping Advice and
                  True Life Stories

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